What are pants rules?

What are pants rules?

Men, it’s no longer 1890, so please be aware of some of the fashion rules and recommendations when it comes to wearing pants in today’s modern era. Unlike the 1800s, when most men could only afford ill-fitting, plain pants, today, fashionable pants are within the budget of just about anyone. What is lacking is a little guidance on style. So, for those of you wondering what are the rules for pants, here are a few pieces of advice to get you started:

6 Pants Rules

(1) The length on your pants should be tailored so they don’t have too much break at the bottom. In other words, don’t let your pants bunch up at the ankles. If they do, please pay the extra few bucks to get them tailored to the appropriate length.

(2) Dress pants are designed (and intended) to be worn higher on the body than jeans. Jeans should be worn at the hips. Dress pants should be worn just above the hips.

(3) Suspenders or braces are fine for dress pants, but they really shouldn’t be necessary to hold the pants up. Well-fitting pants should stay up on their own, without the assistance of braces, suspenders, or even a belt. However, you should definitely have a belt for aesthetic purposes. Never wear a belt with suspenders. It looks dorky and is redundant.

(4) Please stay away from pleats.

Moving on.

(5) Cuffs at the bottom of your trousers are appropriate, but they are fast becoming an out-of-style effect. Most men prefer to avoid cuffs and opt for a simpler look to the leg opening. If you’re a shorter person, I suggest staying away from trouser cuffs, because they make a person look even shorter.

(6) When wearing dress slacks, consider grey and navy blue before wearing black. The only time black trousers are recommended is when they are part of a matched suit. And even then, black is a little heavy even for a suit, unless it’s a formal event.


We wear clothes every day (at least, we should be). However, it is surprising how little men know about basic style guidelines pertaining to apparel. Hopefully, this little guide is helpful as you don your pants each morning.