Using the Right Makeup Palette to Boost Your Style

Using the Right Makeup Palette to Boost Your Style

If you really want to elevate your personal style, you should look beyond clothing and accessories. Your makeup defines your style just as much as the apparel you choose to wear.

The trick is to arm yourself with a wide variety of cosmetic products that come in many different palettes. There are so many choices out there, so there is really no limit to the colors and shades you get to choose from.

As far as brands go, our favorites are Ulta, Sephora and Sei Bella from Melaleuca.

Here are some tips and tricks we’ve learned about applying the right makeup to fit your style:

• If you want to make a bold statement with your clothing color, do the same with your makeup. Go for lipstick, nail color, and eye shadow that is bright red, cherry, berry, or orange. One of the worst things you can do is put on a vibrant, flashy-colored dress and then go boring, bland, and brown with your makeup.

• For black or dark-colored clothing, you should also choose dark-colored makeup. However, avoid black makeup unless you want to look like a goth. Instead, you should go for deep burgundies, or even dark greens.

• Brick reds are the perfect makeup color for bright yellows. However, yellow and cherry red can clash.

• Figure out what type of undertones your skin naturally has. You can do this with the old, tried-and-true t-shirt test. Simply hold a t-shirt up to your bare, clean face (you can also use a whit piece of paper). If you notice pink and blue colors, your skin is cool-toned. If you notice golds and greens, you have warm-toned skin. Cool-toned skin does well with cherry red, while warm-toned complexions are complimented with brick-reds.

• Black and white clothing, especially in stripes or polka dots, will never go out of fashion. However, you can keep it from looking dull and gray by accentuating it with a little pink on your lips, cheeks. and nails.

You can discover more about Melaleuca here.